We wanted to give a little peek into the woman behind Rusty Arrow Design, as seen from her daughters eyes. 

Everyone has that one extremely crafty friend. The one who can come up with, see or do anything. It always turns out amazing. Well that's our mom. From opening a gift shop, becoming a florist by fault, owning her own flower shop in Azle and now owning Rusty Arrow Design. This woman has done it all!

She got started in the retail business when she owned a gift shop in 1997 in Alabama. After moving back to Texas, she managed several flower shops before opening her very own for a few years. With that experience she went on to teach floral design classes at a local college before turning to the wholesale side of the floral business. She officially started Rusty Arrow Designs full time in June of 2017. After much convincing from her husband Jon, she launched her first website in April of 2018. She started wholesaling items in August of 2018. This picked up so much traffic on her site that she had to get another website just for this portion of the business. She now runs and operate this full time business, where everything is done by hand. Details are everything to Barbara! From the sticker that holds the packaging together to the final product, lots of love is poured into each order. 

It's a family affair. Now she has incorporated the help of all three of her daughters. From behind the camera, taking the pictures to modeling the clothes. They help package, print and help run the social media side of things. On occasion, making our dad help with whatever job needs to be done!

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